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On The Origin Of Writing...

Hi there,

I haven't been writing for a while (oh, gosh, to think that it's been four years since I wrote something that was more than one page, I believe), but this is New Year, hence the thought of stepping out of comfort zone (or rather, a lazy zone, as I've been conveniently using the excuse of spending time with my daughters to stop writing) and learning something new. Who knows where it's bringing me to, then?

So here I am, trying out this blog thing-y. Still figuring out stuff, just to understand what this is all about as well as how the settings and configuration work. Have been switching from a laptop browser, mobile browser and app for the past one hour to get the hang of it. Oh, by the way, I love music, film, travelling, nonsense and a little bit of philosophy in life, so if you are reading this and feel like these may be the topics that you are interested in, read on!

Anthony Robinson

PS: And, hey, I love Cebu, too!

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