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Roadblog101 - Year Seven

2023 started off shaky. I was nervous as 2022 ended with a cliffhanger. But as 2023 went on, it turned out to be a great year. Many trips happened, work was fine, and our friendship was stronger than ever. But just like last year (see Reputation, Pride or Whatever It Is), we had some scuffles, too. This one was even closer to year end, haha. I guess that's life, we can't completely win. And yes, I read only two books (and reread one, as part of the At Least Twice standard). Not a best year for reading, I reckon. Other than that, this year had been really wonderful!

Anyway, without further ado, let's see what we had gone through this year!


446. The X Factor

447. Paradigm Shift


448. The Plastics II: Debit Cards

449. After Two Times

450. Reinventing Oneself

451. Tomorrow The World!

452. A Man Called Parno: The Moments of Truth


453. The Japan Trip: How It Began

454. The Japan Trip: Transit in Manila

455. The Japan Trip: Day One in Tokyo

456. The Japan Trip: Day Two, in Kawazu

457. The Japan Trip: The Third Day

458. The Japan Trip: The Snowy Fourth Day

459. The Japan Trip: Day Five, in Yokohama

460. The Japan Trip: Hakone and Our Last Day


461. The Details

462. Book Review: the Rape of Nanking


463. Salvaging the Good Start

464. The Drinking Tradition

The Europe Trip: Interlaken


465. Remembering Dad - written by Endrico Richard

466. Behind the Camera

467. The Europe Trip: How It Began

468. The Europe Trip: Geneva

469. The Europe Trip: Lyon


470. The Europe Trip: Interlaken

471. Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe - written by Yani Evelyn Robinson

472. The Europe Trip: One Night Only

473. The Europe Trip: Salzburg


474. A Glimpse of India: Bangalore

475. The Macroeconomics

476. Traveling Solo

477. Pontianak: the Hometown of Great People?


478. Magical History Tour: Part I

479. Magical History Tour: Part II


480. Japan in My Heart


481. Book Review: the Art of War


482. Rediscovering Your Way

483. Syria: Up, Close and Personal

484. 2023 in My Mind

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