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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ancient Architecture - Advance Civilization - Beyond Human


I have never really written any stories or blog, because I love to talk more than typing. But this time, I shall do something different. ☺

It all began in my secondary school days, around 1991-1992. There was a school assignment, a group assignment. We all gathered at my friend's house, whose dad is a very religious person and collects many books. Most of the books are related to Muslim.

Out of curiosity, I picked the thickest book, with green color cover on it. What attracted me was the book title:  Hubungan antara Islam dan Segitiga Bermuda (The Link between Muslim and Bermuda Triangle). It is an extremely old book.

I started to read, and read, going through the content, and I was getting more excited and curious. After the group assignment completed, my friend's dad allowed me to bring his collection back and I started to read it everyday.

The book is really thick, and it will be too long for me to share everything, so the summary is Bermuda Triangle exists because of some vengeful souls. 

In America - ancient time, the white army would capture the blacks, and would throw them to the sea (the current Bermuda Triangle) - and feed them alive to the sharks. This caused the souls to be restless, hence the curse: whoever and whichever crosses by the Bermuda Triangle to disappear. The only person who could pass by the Bermuda Triangle (as mentioned on that book) was a priest, who saw the vengeful souls, kept his prayer and strong faith. He could not save the souls, but at least with his prayer, he calmed the souls and passed the Bermuda Triangle.

I was not fully convinced with this, as I am someone who seek the fact and evidence. I started to read more about the conspiracy theory books, go to warnet (warung internet) - the internet cafe which was Rp.8000 per hour (extremely expensive with Dial-Up speed in year 1996). 

Okay, above are just a "appetizer" to start my stories here. Now I will start with the main course. There are a lot and really a lot of mysteries on this planet. UFO & Aliens are common mysteries that everyone heard of. Let me just cover the Nazca Lines, The Time Traveler, and World Pyramid(s). 

1. Nazca Lines

A huge huge scratches on earth's land - Peru

Nazca Lines are only visible when we look from the top and only discovered by human when they are flying with plane and helicopter.

Archaeologists suggest the line has been there since 500 BC. Here are the Nazca Lines that have been discovered so far. The shapes could only be seen from the top of the sky.

Ancient Henky - Saying Hello

This picture was taken from helicopter's view. They called it the Astronauts.

This gets interesting, ain't it? How did it happen? Why is there a scratch on the earth surface with a sign of hands waving to the sky? And if it really is an astronaut waving hand, who is he communicating to?

Nazca lines mystery remains unsolved. One of my bucket list is to fly over with helicopter and wave back 😆 Who knows I am the person that they have been waiting to waive back 😋

2. The Time Traveler

Albert Einstein has confirmed the possibility of time travel. If we can travel faster than the speed of light, there will be a quantum of energy that we never know, and then we will time travel.

But it remains as a theory. Where are the evidences? There are many evidences that have been published, but some are hoax too. But now, I present to you the greatest mystery which happened in real life - year 2003.

andrew carlssin a time traveller who got busted for insider trading xx photos 6 Andrew Carlssin; a time traveller who got busted for insider trading (8 Photos)

Andrew Carlssin, who won USD 350 millions in 2 weeks with all straight wins on trading floor. He was later caught & investigated by police. He told the police, someone from year 2256 visited him and has gave him all future's information. Later, he was bailed by someone mysterious and both have vanished since then.

Where are they? Travel back to future?

3. World Pyramid(s)

Pyramids do not only exist in Egypt. But they are all over the world and are indeed connected.

The magnificent pyramid(s) have too many similarities - despite of the locations and cultural differences: the architecture and building structures, the golden mask for the death, the obelisk and also the animals and symbols from the time when the ancient civilizations worshipped the SUN.

If the similarities across the continents of all mentioned above with evidences might not convince you yet, what if I tell you that if you connect all these ancient structures (Easter Island Moai statues, the pyramids across globes), they'll line up a straight line which forms a perfect round of circle. For me, this is something that is definitely guided - by advanced civilization.

Below is for your shocking fact & references:

3.1 The list of ancient structures & mysteries - location on earth.

Pay attention on the To Axis point. The miles, are almost identical!!

The Perfect Line - when we see on top of the globe - on those ancient structures, it is linked and formed the famous The Great Circle

Okay, I guess some of you might feel sleepy on these conspiracy theories - which I strongly believe and craft in my DNA.

This is the end of my introduction for few world's mysteries. Many of us believe that God creates everything. But there is one thing that I also believe, which is an advance civilization that has influenced, supported and guided us since the past.

On my next story, probably I shall share about: The real MIB (Man In Black), The visitors from space and probably about Moai Statue in Easter Island.

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  1. This is so interesting!
    As a peruvian guy I am, these events in my country and around the world leave me a lot of curiosity, it's great to know a little more about the mysteries that our planet hide, thanks for sharing your experiences! Please do more postings like these >W<