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Roadblog101 - Year One

Hi there, 

I'm thinking of 2017 and, yeah, we did quite a lot of good stuff, so why keep quiet about it? There should be a page for you to check out our Year One.

Now, I realised that you can actually see the same content if you are accessing via computer browsers, but same can't be said for those who go through mobile browsers. So here you go, Readers, oldies but goldies that you might have missed! 

6. Friendship In Our Thirties: Chapter 4 - The Relationship
7. Friendship In Our Thirties: Chapter 5 - Family
8. Pheng iu... Where Are They Now? (Part I)
9. Pheng iu... Where Are They Now? (Part II)
10. The Visitors (Part I)
11. The Visitors (Part II)
12. Indonesia The Beautiful
13. How Deep Is Your Love (Part I)
14. How Deep Is Your Love (Part II)
15. Once Upon A Time In China (Part I)
16. Once Upon A Time In China (Part II)
17. The Oath
18. The Return Of The CDs

19. Fatherhood
20. The Ancient Art Of Sending Postcards
21. Di Manakah Saya? (Part 1)*
22. Liverpool, City Of The Beatles^
23. My Valentine
24. Mortality
25. Di Manakah Saya? (Part 2)*
26. The ASEAN Tour: Indonesia
27. Di Manakah Saya? (Part 3)*
28. Book Review: Where China Meets India
29. The Crowdfunding

30. The ASEAN Tour: Malaysia
31. A Trip To The Past: Stonehenge And Bath^
32. Book Review: My Brave Action
33. The King Of Monsters
34. The Plastics
35. Limin And His Aming Coffee
36. Johnny B. Goode
37. Hukum Pikiran Positif (Part 1)*
38. The ASEAN Tour: Singapore
39. 絕代雙驕
40. Pentingnya Citra Diri Positif*

41. We Are The World
42. Keadilan Dalam Keluarga*
43. The Artworks
44. Perlukah Kita Membela Agama?*
45. The Bizarre Adventure Of Atom-Boy And Uncle-Man (Part 1)
46. The Bizarre Adventure Of Atom-Boy And Uncle-Man (Part 2)
47. The Bizarre Adventure Of Atom-Boy And Uncle-Man (Part 3)
48. The Bizarre Adventure Of Atom-Boy And Uncle-Man (Part 4)
49. The Tale Of Two Businesses
50. The Bizarre Adventure Of Atom-Boy And Uncle-Man (Part 5)
51. A Chinese's Point Of View
52. The Hills Have Flowers"
53. The Not So Secret Origin
54. The Europe Trip: London Calling
55. The Europe Trip: Bonjour, Paris!
56. The Concerts
57. The ASEAN Tour: Thailand
58. Negeri Impian Yang Belum Menjadi Kenyataan*
59. About Dad

60. The Bold And The Bittersweet
61. The Google Play Book Experience
62. The King Of Pop
63. Fried Rice Mania
64. The ASEAN Tour: Philippines
65. Jalan-Jalan Hemat Di Singapura^
66. The Animals
67. The Wheat Cartoonist
68. The Haunted Island
69. The Legend Of Zelda
70. Imagine
71. Our Favorite Author
72. Feel The Point"
73. Children Of The World

74. That Tiny Little Artist
75. The ASEAN Tour: Vietnam
76. Being A Lee
77. The Musicals
78. A French Man In Jakarta
79. Tissue Issues@
80. The Best Instant Noodles Ever
81. A Man Called Parno: Chapter 1 - School Days
82. A Little Magic At The Singapore Philatelic Museum^
83. A Man Called Parno: Chapter 2 - Into The Society And Beyond

84. Mempertegas Citra Diri*
85. The Wonderland
86. Japan 101: Family Trip
87. Cara Mendengarkan Dengan Baik*
88. Japan 201: Father And Son Trip
89. Menuju Pikiran Positif*
90. Linda And Siri
91. The Ten Percent
92. The Time Capsules
93. Book Review: A Brief History Of Indonesia
94. The Gauls
95. The ASEAN Tour: Cambodia

96. What The Housewives Said
97. A Drummer Who Sang
98. Pameran Yayoi Kusama: Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow^
99. The Cancer Impact
100. Vacation At SGD100 For Noobs@
101. Wanderlust
102. The Greatest Friendship Story Ever Told
103. The King Of Comedy
104. Uniquely Pontianak
105. The ASEAN Tour: Brunei
106. Book Review: Hotel K
107. The Salted Egg Fish Ball Saga
108. Symphony Of The Goddesses

109. Positif Terhadap Setiap Masalah Dan Sesama*
110. The Divine Intervention
111. That Comedy Show
112. Starr Time!
113. When She Calls
114. Supa Camp
115. The ASEAN Tour: Laos
116. The Man Without Fear
117. The Dancer
118. The Band That Learns To Rock
119. The Foreign Language
120. Padang Rice
121. The Lyrics

122. Book Review: Losing The Signal
123. Wonderful Indonesia: Bali
124. The Nice Surprises
125. Myanmar, A Land Like No Other^
126. The Indian Cuisines
127. That 20-Year-Old Manga
128. The ASEAN Tour: Myanmar
129. From Ahok
130. Life Before Marriage
131. Malaysia Boleh: Kuching

132. Henshin!
133. Life Before Singapore
134. Wonderful Indonesia: Kepri
135. Unpredictable Journey To Hong Kong (Part 1)^^
136. Moreton Island#
137. Unpredictable Journey To Hong Kong (Part 2)^^
138. At The Zoo
139. A Taste Of Pontianak
140. Kembalikan Akal Sehat Sebagai Dasar Pemikiran (Ananda Sukarlan)*
141. Monas Di Tiga Zaman Gubernur Jakarta#

142. The Sinking Ships
143. Pemimpin Berkata*
144. The Long Walk
145. Rock Show
146. Love Thy Parents
147. The Bucket List
148. A Life Less Ordinary (Part 1)^^
149. Malaysia Boleh: Malacca

* written by Alvin Alexander
^ wrriten by Evelyn Nuryani
" written by Brick Cruz
@ written by Eveleen Liew
^^ written by Parno Bong
# written by Budiman Liwoto

Presenting Year One!

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