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Presenting our latest author, Endrico! After more than one year, he eventually hit the quota to become a Roadblogger. You've seen him featured here many times, but yes, the man can write, too! A jovial person in real life, Endrico has shared his infectious optimism at Roadblog101 time and again (okay, only twice, actually). Check out his latest output that got him inducted: the United-in-White Concert.

Endrico in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Now, I believe you've noticed that we have new writers since the month of February 2017. What was started by one person, namely yours truly, is now growing! That's just fun, ain't it? Anyway, since there are a few of us now, I guess it's good to put a name to a face, so here's the introduction!

You know me, my name is Anthony, the blog owner and the main contributor thus far. I do IT stuff for living, but in my spare time, I do mostly writing because it's cheaper than travelling. Just kidding. I love both! And I love my family, too!

The second to join is Alvin Alexander, formerly known as Asong, a dear friend of mine and the first contributor apart from me (and it's a relief to have somebody else churning out stuff). He's a teacher, an educator, and a Kungfu master! Yeah, you heard that right, so don't challenge him unless you wanna get beaten.

Third person to write on this blog so far is, of course, my lovely wife, Evelyn Nuryani. A busy and caring mother of two, she still makes time to do many other stuff, including writing! How brilliant! Now you know why I love her so much, don't you? She's just great!

The fourth guest author on the blog is from far, far away. To quote the man himself, "Brick Cruz's life has been anything but ordinary. He has lived in different parts of Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Germany which, combined with his creativity, has given him a unique perspective on the world. Life was hard growing up in a broken home always moving from place to place, and Brick has definitely amassed quite a few experiences. But from the brink of edge including homelessness, drug dealing, and overdoses, he has found new life in Christ."

Next, we have Eveleen Liew. She is a polytechnic student, a free-lance amateur writer on this blog and a part-time vampire. A 5ft tall Chinese born and raised in Singapore, she writes because she wants to share her experiences with the big world where her words stays longer than her memories. She tends to write in the afternoon because the sunlight outside burns her. Still pursuing her diploma in material science, she hope she's on the right road to success and graduating to earn big bucks soon.

And the sixth person to join us, an old friend of mine, with many articles featuring him, Parno Bong. A hard working and cheerful man, he decided to try it out just for the sake of joining the fun. He currently stays in Pontianak, the hometown where yours truly came from. 

Then there is Budiman, the seventh. Another school friend of mine, he is a busy man running a computer related business and already in the industry long enough to tell us all sorts of stories. He definitely has a lot to be written!

The eighth person, Steva Desia, is a proud mum and a career woman living in Singapore, she still manages to find time to contribute! Good for her, great for me!

Hendra, the ninth person inducted into the Roadblogger Hall of Fame, is an old friend of mine. He lives and works in Karawang, the place that was featured in a blog post called the Divine Intervention. He's a realistic guy and yet humorous at the same time. In his life, family is #1, friends are #2 and the company he works at has to be satisfied at position #3, haha.

There are ten of us now (with another two potential candidates that already contributed a blog post: James Wu and Henky). If you ever check out the tagline of Roadblog101, everybody has a story to tell. Having said that, if you feel like you want to give it a try, do let me know and I'll invite you to join. No worries about the output as I'll help you to tidy it up (I happened to start earlier since the mid 90s, hence I have had quite a bit of practice, haha). Cheers!

Top, from left: Parno, Eveleen and Evelyn.
Middle, from left: Budiman, Hendra and Anthony.
Bottom, from left: Alvin, Steva and Brick. 

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