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Thursday, March 1, 2018

That CNY Feeling

Speaking about Chinese New Year, we always have a lot of things that we were taught not to do on the first day, e.g. do not sweep the floor, do not wash hair, do not owe people money. All different reasons behind it. Some people think it is superstitious but some have been practising it as if it is the rule that one shall abide.

For children, it is a happy occasion. It is a holiday, so they get to light up a lot of fire crackers, fireworks and parents are not supposed to get angry with all the mischievous things they do, otherwise, it will be a bad luck. Not forgetting they will be collecting the red packet ang bao. We all had that same excitement once.

For me, it was a mixed feeling that I had this year as this was the first time I did not spend it together with the people that have been watching me growing up, since I was a baby till I am a mother.

I missed the view of the fireworks from our backyard, the decoration that we always did, the silly talks amongst the family and the drinks that we always had after dinner. Last but not least, visiting the relatives.  We used to do it during this time of the year.

On the other hand, I got to spend the CNY with my new family. Bringing my baby overseas for the first time and, though it was only a ferry ride, I truly understand now how much stuff I should bring with me. We also lighted up the fireworks ourselves this time. It was a bit scary to stand right below it, but it was amazing to see it in such a close distance.

I suppose the spirit of celebrating the CNY is similar across the world for Chinese. The most important thing is to celebrate it with your loved ones no matter where you are. Hope everyone of us stay healthy, be wealthy and happy!!

Gong xi, gong xi everyone! Better year ahead!!

The lightsaber...

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