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Friday, May 14, 2021

Pandemic: The New Nomal!

It's 2021 now and the last time I wrote something was in 2020. It's obvious that it took me roughly six months because there was not much to write during pandemic. I quietly saved money in order to have leisure time in Japan one day. Even though the shadow of pandemic is looming, whenever we live and work, we should be enjoying life. 

I personally enjoy the life of a shop keeper and a small time businessman in salted fish trading. I'm still a beginner in getting good salted fish, haha. I'm 42 this year, but still being scolded by my Mum so often that I'm used to it already. Life is up and down like a roller coaster.

Still my desire to go to Japan makes me more driven in earning money from salted fish trading. COVID-19 forces me to work out every morning. I clean the house and open shop, then do jogging and cardio in the afternoon. That aside, I also enjoy my time as a father of two.

We have gone through pandemic for about one year plus. I watch my Mum and Dad doing the same activities. They are old now and I wonder if they wish to travel just like me, but can't do it now. Mum also has a leg problem, like something is wrong with the joint. It hurts from time to time, but she still goes to our shop. She once said to the customer, "not working, no money," within my earshot. I just kept quiet when I heard that. 

My father was pretty stubborn as well. He went out all the time despite repeated warnings from my Mum. She didn't want him to go out if it wasn't important, but Dad said he'd rather die. Mum was so upset that she told him off, "die if you wish, but don't spread the virus to us!" 

Again I just kept quiet. I don't have the heart to get involved, especially when I still can't make them proud, even though I'm a father of two now. I'm Parno Bong, 42 years old and I can only put this on blog. The story of my life... 😁😁

I'm Parno Bong.

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