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Monday, November 20, 2017

Unpredictable Journey To Hong Kong (Part 2)

You know what? When I was in Hong Kong, I went to two government agencies because I had to assist my auntie. One was near to my aunt's flat and the other was at the city centre. When we were there, we saw a lot of cameras. I thought I was going to be interviewed! But for better or worse, nothing actually happened to me, haha. 

So there we were, inside this main office. There were sign boards saying, "no speaking, be silent," which made me a little nervous as I was waiting for my name to be called, because it felt very... uncomfortably official.


After a long wait, apparently the officer called my aunt's name instead mine. I felt relieved! Once done, we went to the park nearby for a walk and taking pictures. On the last day, we went for shopping and then we went back home to Indonesia.

We thought the problem was sorted now, but wait, on the following year, precisely in the mid October, we were contacted again by my aunt from Hong Kong, saying that I had to go there to sign something on her behalf.
Typical flat in Hong Kong.

So we went back again, this time we brought so many things from Pontianak to satisfy my aunt's craving for our local delicacies. I arrived there and the next morning, my aunt and I immediately went for the signing. I said to myself, "hmm, what an expensive signature."

We went to Macau afterwards, having fun there, but by the time we went back to Hong Kong, we had a little problem with the authority there. We were asked by them, "do you have your tickets to go back to Indonesia?" I said yes, but we forgot to bring the tickets and we left them at my aunt's.

But the officer was adamant and we were not prohibited to enter Hong Kong until we showed the return tickets! My aunt rushed back to get the tickets and we were eventually allowed to enter Hong Kong. It was a day to remember, really! Guys, if you travel to Macau and plan to go home via Hong Kong, do bring the return tickets along with you! 

The entourage.


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