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Friday, January 12, 2018

A Life Less Ordinary (Part 2)

When I was a second grader in elementary school, a friend once said to me, "don't sit with a girl. You will be stung by the girl." But it turned out that I was sitting with a girl, so I pulled a sudden stunt that eventually scared her. It was an awful day, but certainly a day to remember. 

And how time flew so quickly. I remember when I was a six grader,  I farted in the class right before we ended the last lesson of the day. What a shameful thing to do! I thought I could resist the feeling triggered by my stomachache until I reached home, but I just couldn't help it and it came out as a puff. The teacher gave me the awkward look as he smelled it, haha.

Another highlight of my childhood is, you know that aside from playing arcade, we also ate as well as played kranji (or better known as velvet tamarind in English). Kranji fruit was black in color and had a shell that could be cracked open easily using our thumbnail. But instead of doing that, we had a game with it. Basically each of us would push our kranji against our opponent's and the one that didn't crack won the game and was allowed to take the loser's kranji.

I got a lucky kranji fruit that won me many games. I thought I would be busy eating by then, but there I was, busy defeating the challengers instead. Suddenly there was a competitor who cheated and broke my fruit. I was heart broken, too, and my rewards were gone like the wind. I was speechless on my way home and very determined to grow my own kranji so I could harvest more. But it didn't grow and the kranji season slowly passed...

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