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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Between "Want" And Commitment

It is just the 11th day of New Year. I am sure numbers of us have resolutions. And I am pretty sure although it is a new year resolution, the resolution itself might not be new. My resolution is to get fit, something that I didn't achieve last year because of my busy schedules. My resolution is travelling to Japan, which I couldn't make it due to budget constraint. Those are few samples of the repeated resolutions. 

Now, I’m not here to share about resolutions. You can name it anything, your objective, target, goal, wish or whatever name you like. Don’t tell me you don’t have one, because every sober minded person will definitely have at least one. Don’t bury them, get your goals back.

A friend just shared that this year she wants to make her parents and parents-in-law happy. What does it take to make them happy? Does she WANT to make them happy or is she COMMITTED to make them happy? If she is committed, has she already started planning? For example, if she wants them to travel together, has she decided where to go and when to go? By the way, on this happy parents thingy, just a piece of advice: what you think will make them happy might not make them happy, do discuss with them about your plan.

So back to the commitment and want. They are two different things. If you just want it, you will do it only when it is convenient. However, if  you are committed, you accept no excuses, only result. I can have many excuses, ranging from lack of resources, time, money, right people and so forth. Whatever it is, the truth is none of them matters. You do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. But then again, they are a lot of talking about commitment, saying about right things, but yet the behavior doesn’t align. What happen if you are just repeatedly saying right things but your attitude shows otherwise? People around you might say, "yeah, great, good job," but deep inside, they would think, "argh, not a chance."

Be honest to yourself, if you really want that shit to happen, hold yourself accountable for it. There should be some consequences when you fail, so you'll try your best to get it right. For example, when you commit to wake up at 5am in the morning but fail to do so, find some friends, treat them a good dinner. Write down what you'd like to do and really focus on getting it.

So what I want to share from this:
  1. When the decision is made, you are doing it.
  2. You turn up everyday despite the obstacles
  3. No excuses, only result.
  4. Don’t feel eager just because you have read this but;
  5. Shut up and do the job, show the world the right attitude.

Lost in thought...

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