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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Before The Year Ends: Be Grateful, Be Thankful And Be Blessed!

I thought it would be great to write something before the year ends: a way to reflect what had happened, to improve and be better.

Many of us are pursuing this thing so called happiness. So what is happiness? If you look up the dictionary, happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. But what exactly is happiness to different groups of people? Have you ever wondered if your are happy with your life, your job, your health, etc.?

If only... perhaps the world will be a better place to be?

To the poor
As easy as it may sound, these are some examples of happiness to the poor: food on the table, a roof over their head, a fresh new set of clothing, etc. So why some of us aren't happy when we have all these?

Well, one thing that I learnt, as you become wealthy, you also become poor in attitude. Simple happiness doesn't satisfy anymore.

The poor, they don't have much requirement to be happy as they focus on their needs instead of what they want. However, sad to say, this is also the group of people that have a lot to worry about, which can dampen the mood.

To the middle income
This group of people, in my opinion, is the "happiest". What's with the inverted comas? The middle-income people might feel pretty good about their lives, reason being that they have a satisfaction level of income even if they don’t actually have a lot of net worth. But, to some extent money can just do so much and it will just lose its charm.

To the wealthy
In my field of work. I surely meet many of such people, where money and wealth are never an issue. However, the question remains. Are they really happy with what they had?

To the wealthy, the problem is not about having not enough of everything. The problem they have are:
1. Not having a great health, which they tend to neglect.
2. Family disputes, where money is the root of all evils.
3. Neglecting their own desired passion just to be in the family business.
4. Faux relationship, where they enter into a marriage without love in the equation, merely just a partnership between the two families.

The list can just continue...

Of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

2019, if I put it into perspective, had been a year of life-lessons. I saw many deaths and sicknesses that revolving around my neighbours, my colleagues, my friends and their family members.

Well, as many said, death is inevitable and it's a course of life. You celebrate the joy of life, not only at birth but also at death.

In my career, all I can say is everything will be perfect in His time. I might not get what I aimed for this year and yes, of course, I am pretty upset. However, I think that I still consider myself to be lucky that I still have a job and my boss is a nice lady.

To me, happiness is simple and am blessed to have these:
My loved ones (including my neighbours, my colleagues and my friends) are happy and healthy.

I have food on the table served by my most dedicated helper.

I have a job.

I have a roof over my head.

I have a great husband, who helps around the house and family.

My parents are healthy and we got to travel together.

I get to meet up and travel with friends.

Quote: Happiness can be defined as “the degree to which an individual judges the overall quality of his life-as-a-whole” (Schimmel, 2009).

So, what is your happiness?

Onward 2020, let us be better, be happy and healthy all the time!

Happiness is in the air!


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