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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020: Memory Lane

Some might say we were just too naive when entering 2020. Well, I remember when I had a job as a chauffeur and I picked the children up to go from home to school and vice versa. I enjoyed my side job while doing my main business of opening salted fish shop. I started working as a chauffeur from October 2018 until February 2020. Then it suddenly stopped because of pandemic, wahaha. The virus came to town! After CNY 2020 and the dragon dance event were done, the lockdown announcement began. 

From that time onwards, I was out of side job and lost my side income. I even stopped being an online driver when the pandemic got worse in March. I ended up focusing more on the shop which had been opened by my Mum since 1998. 

Anyway, my activities became monotonous. Opened the shop at 7am and closed the shop at 3pm. At night, I just watched TV at home. That's it. The local news announced that in dealing with this pandemic, we had to stay safe by working from home. We just had to make do so I woke up early to exercise and jogged in the afternoon. It helped in maintaining discipline and good spirit. I liked it!

During this period, surgical mask became very expensive to buy. It became the most wanted stuff in the world. Luckily, after two months of lockdown, the government released the stimulus package to the needy.

Hard though life was, my fortune in earning money actually got better. I could save the profit regularly. Really felt blessed and grateful. On top of that, I could buy Yen, too, for my upcoming trip to Japan. Yes, it looked unlikely now, but I believed yes would be the answer. I would go to Japan, probably next year. This is how I stayed positive all this while. 

Now 2020 would be over soon. The world had struggled to make a better life in pandemic. Vaccines had been produced to wipe out the virus in the world. Here's to hoping a better life in 2021! It'd been tough. Students had studied online for 10 month at home. Every time I passed the schools, they looked empty. So strange and I felt odd, too. All because of pandemic, the worst thing that happened in 2020.

As we entered December 2020, Christmas time was here again. People seemed like they had gotten used to life in the time of pandemic. Some of them didn't care anymore, some of them still obeyed the safety protocol. Well, it's normal, I think, as not all human beings are responsible. Hence I just say the good thing: let's pray for a better 2021. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

PS: I'll be back again😁

Merry Christmas!

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