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Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 Survival Tips For Japan Under SGD 2000

How to survive in Japan for 2 weeks under SGD 2,000

In this blog, I am going to share about how I managed my expenses under SGD 2,000 excluding the flight and accommodation.

Hey there, folks! Don't be fooled by the contrary idea that Japan is an expensive place to be in because let me tell you how I've spent my vacation in Osaka and Tokyo under SGD 2,000! Well, if you're someone who can get up in the late morning with sandwiches and a packet of Soya bean beverage (¥90) from 7 ELEVEN then you're good to GO!

First Off:
You need to distinguish your budget per day. I kept aside SGD 300 for transportation only and my budget daily was SGD 85. This was the Sugoca Card (Ez-Link card) I used during my travel. All you had to do was to top up the amount of ¥1000/2000/3000/5000 in the card and you're set to use the trains and buses.

(*Tips: Guys, in my opinion, you don't necessarily need to buy the JR pass) 

Each day in Osaka, I travel from Tengachaya station and back. It costed me more or less a total of ¥2000

However, transportation from Osaka to Tokyo by Nozomi Shinkansen, one way was a hefty ¥14,590.

(*Tips: Purchase the Shinkansen 3-4 days earlier to make sure there's a seat for you on the specific day you want to go to Tokyo) 

You need to know the convenient stores in Japan (Family Mart, Lawson, 7 Eleven) as these were my "go to" places to get cheap good food for ¥200-500. They have a wide selection of bento, onigiri, sandwiches, drinks and snacks you can choose from. 

Those stores sell stationeries (pen, scissors, etc.) and daily-use products such as (razors, moisturizers, etc.)

They also sell oden (yong tau foo) as well as fried food! How awesome is that?  

You need to know the cost of your desired attraction tickets. Some shrine/temple require an entrance fee. For example the Tōdai-ji temple at Nara, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! However, that would cost you around Adult: ¥600  Child: ¥300.

(*Increased price already) thank you very much. 

This magnificent temple is a place of prayer as well as a center of Buddhist doctrinal research. In the temple, a bronze statue towers over your head, it is the Vairocana Buddha, very beautifully plated with gold. 

Another spectacular attraction to visit would be the Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka. For ¥3,200, I took the package of Aquarium Kaiyukan + Cruise Ship Santa Maria, otherwise, you could just get the Aquarium Kaiyukan entrance ticket at ¥2,300. This is such a great place to view fish and stingrays up close, there's myriad species of underwater creatures. Wonderful place to bring children and get them to learn about crap, I mean crabs, penguins, seals, sharks, sunfish. This place boasts 16 exhibits which feature the marine life in several habitats. Best of all, one gets to touch and feel the sharks and rays. My favourite was the jellyfish exhibition. It was mesmerizing how the lightness of the jellyfish allows it to float ever so gracefully through the waters without tangling their own tentacles with other jellyfish. The whole tank is FILLED with it! 

And lastly, we have the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo. Staggering at the height of 781ft, this very place is the BEST site to propose (*Please don't, the ring will be blown away) or view the Tokyo towers.

It is sixth tallest building in Tokyo hence it is very windy that they do not allow visitors to hold onto any piece of paper. For ¥1,800, you get an entry to the tower itself as well as the museum. An extra ¥500 at your own expense if you want to go up to the rooftop sky deck for a breath-taking view.

Well, those are the 3 tips to know before roaming around Japan. I hope some of it was useful and good luck to those going to Japan anytime soon!

Special Thanks and Shout out to these blogs that were informative and a great read.


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