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Friday, May 3, 2019

A Letter to My Daughter, A Junior Prefect

Dear My Little Girl,

April 26 was a very special day for you as well as for me. This was the day when you received your badge as a Junior Prefect. There was this proud feeling when Mummy saw you saying out loud your pledge together with the other Prefects.

Ever since you were in playgroup, you already showed you had a strong will and how you wanted things to be done. Glad to know your school recognised your leadership potential and gave you a chance to develop it. I wish you could use this opportunity well, learning as much as you could and be a good leader who could lead others by showing good examples.

Linda, in the middle of the stage.

Remember that before you could lead other, you must first lead yourself. Control yourself, take a deep breath and think twice before you put anything into actions. Kindly understand that what you want sometimes may not what you need.

When you were a toddler, you might feel the whole world evolved around you. As you enter your primary school life, you will start to understand that you are part of the community. Respect your teachers and your friends. Try to figure out what others think and feel because that will help you to be fair and just.

Your Daddy often quoted Uncle Ben from Spider-Man, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Indeed it is true, Little Girl. Responsibility is very important, not only for Prefect, but also for all kids and adults. Be responsible in preparing your school materials, in doing your homework and study. Be responsible in doing your duty as a Junior Prefect. It might be tiring and tough, but it would make you a stronger and better person.

When you made a mistake, Admit that you were wrong and apologise. The apology didn't mean that you were weak, because only the bravest people dared to do so.  

There are still so many things for you to learn to be a good leader. It's a long journey, just do it step by step. Mummy believes you can do it.

And here is one good quote from General Douglas MacArthur as an ending:

"A TRUE LEADER has the confidence to STAND ALONE,
 THE COURAGE to make tough decisions and
 THE COMPASSION to listen to the needs of others."

Selamat bertugas, Junior Prefect Emily!

PS: if Mummy ever limited your screen time, that's because Mummy knows watching too much is not good for your brain and your health.

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