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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hope In COVID-19 Moment

In early 2020, I thought my life journey would be easy because I'm used to the hard work I did after all these years. However, this year was kind of different due to the pandemic that started to haunt everybody in the world right now. My daily activities were disrupted. I was prohibited from doing the hailing ride and the goverment stated that we were not allowed to go outside. If it was urgent, we needed to wear a mask to protect ourselves in this situation.

It was an awkward situation. I tried to deal with it by watching movies, doing the routine exercise and running my family business. It was ironic that even at this moment, we still needed to rent, but the new shop was more spacious, haha. Well, I might add that we were trying to be hopeful in COVID-19 era. Despite of all impacts that could ruin anybody's life, we still survived in going through this pandemic. 

Be careful and take care of personal hygiene. Practice sosial distancing as well. While it might took some time to get used to the rules, we had to be more diligent in wearing the mask and washing hands. It was sad when some people don't give a damn about the pandemic even though it already caused a helluva mess in the world.

Needless to say, we were living in such a predicament, but for me, we just had to trust ourselves in dealing with this problem. We had to keep on enjoying while waiting for this pandemic to end. Who knows if it gets better? For now, we just had to try adjusting our way in doing business, preferably with a smile... 

The new shop a.k.a the new hope.

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