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Sunday, April 1, 2018

GRAB: My Life

Why do I choose GRAB for living? Because at my age now and after all these years, I... I barely accomplished anything useful for my family. Apart from getting married and having two children, the only thing I feel proud of is making my Mum a grandma. Now she has grandchildren at home.

Anyway, with GRAB, I can ensure myself to fulfill my duty. I learnt stuff along the way, from motorcycle, insurance, gadgets, etc. that were required to be a GRAB biker. Well, at least I can contribute in paying the monthly expenses. My Mum had been smiling a bit since then.

Beside that, GRAB can help people who need it, especially in Pontianak. The first time I started to work, I felt a little bit embarrassed to wear the official GRAB jacket, but I eventually got used to it. Now I feel proud wearing it, even though my job is just to get and drop passengers on time. I feel privileged in driving them safely to their destination.

People think GRAB bikers only earn pennies, but if we work properly, we can actually earn more and more cash. It's a decent job and I'm proud to be a GRAB biker...

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